Growing up different is hard and some people don’t have many people in their lives to support them. I wanted to share my experiences and communicate with others who wish to listen. Maybe you’ll learn something about Autism or maybe you’ll teach me something knew! 🙂

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Working from home

A quick disclaimer – This post is to share my experiences and my feelings, you may feel the same or you may not even understand how I feel which is fine. We all cope differently and each of us has a preferred way of living and working that suits us and our individual needs. Of course…

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Travelling during a pandemic

I want to discuss the situation of travelling during this hard time. Of course yet again a disclaimer: *This is purely my thoughts, opinions and situation, please do not use this as a guide or as pure facts, this is just how I feel and how things have panned out personally for me, thank you…

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* I would like to just pop in a disclaimer, if you want to add an animal into your life as a family member, please…please…PLEASE try your local shelter or rescue, I really haven’t had great experiences with pet shop animals and in most countries there’s plenty of poor animals in shelters. In the future…

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