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Reactive dogs

I have spent countless nights wondering if I failed my dog. I questioned what could I have done differently…or better. I’d sit and look at him cuddled up to me, sleeping soundly and wonder why the rest of the world was unable to see him for who he truly is. It’s not fair. It breaks […]

Starting a series of mind dumps

I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog. I’m going to be focusing on taboo, misunderstood and heavily opinionated topics. The title will be “We should stop:” where I will share my thoughts and feelings on a range of topics! I would absolutely love others to get involved and share their thoughts and […]

My Baking and Cooking blog!

I have been baking and cooking for years, however, I have been working on creating a new website mainly to record the recipes and provide tips and tricks for future use. Today I have officially launched the site and the first recipe will be uploaded in the next week or two! I will be focusing […]

Puppy Blues

Puppy blues…something that I only recently learnt about. I thought I was the only one who felt the way I did. I felt ungrateful and mean for the way I felt about my own dog. It’s a very isolating feeling that most of us dog owners are probably way too afraid to admit. Having a […]

How to reduce travel anxiety

The world has been opening up more and more in the past few months which I think is truly amazing! However, this means more people moving around the globe which can cause some of us to feel anxious. Anxiety could spike for many reasons, it could be rooted to previous trauma, social aspects, worries about […]

Back to the office

New job, new office. I started a new job… in a new office…I no longer work from home and I no longer work with familiar people but goodness was it the best decision I could’ve ever made! The job I applied for was something I never thought I could ever do, if you had told […]

Adopt don’t shop

In my previous post I share some Information and news about my new puppy…I also mention that I in fact shopped and did not adopt. HOWEVER, it wasn’t because I wanted to exactly, the plan was to adopt. We live on an island and due to political and well, government changes around the world, adopting […]

Life is full of changes!

I am unsure where I should start. My life has changed so so much in the past 6 months, I moved out, job, new family member, YouTube and even getting close to being an affiliate on Twitch! However, most of all I have been looking deep into myself and working on trying to overcome mental […]

Top 10 Tips for University

It’s been a little while since I last posted, I had a bit of a burn out situation. I feel a lot better now since I created a schedule…sort of! I feel like I have managed to find ways to organise my time a bit better and ensure I don’t forget important tasks! I combined […]

Working from home

A quick disclaimer – This post is to share my experiences and my feelings, you may feel the same or you may not even understand how I feel which is fine. We all cope differently and each of us has a preferred way of living and working that suits us and our individual needs. Of course […]

Travelling during a pandemic

I want to discuss the situation of travelling during this hard time. Of course yet again a disclaimer: *This is purely my thoughts, opinions and situation, please do not use this as a guide or as pure facts, this is just how I feel and how things have panned out personally for me, thank you […]


* I would like to just pop in a disclaimer, if you want to add an animal into your life as a family member, please…please…PLEASE try your local shelter or rescue, I really haven’t had great experiences with pet shop animals and in most countries there’s plenty of poor animals in shelters. In the future […]


Sometimes its hard to figure out what you want and how to achieve it. Instead of sitting down, being patient and giving yourself the time and space to learn, progress and reach your goals, you tend to get stressed, panic and worrying till you no longer have the motivation and energy to progress.  Burn out […]

Highly Sensitive Person?

Throughout life we are told not to be “too sensitive”, “over dramatic” or “too intense”. Some of us are ridiculed or judged for showing any of these traits. Maybe some of us have a sensitivity that you don’t feel and that’s ok as we are all different, nearly everything in life is a spectrum and […]

Sensory issues

In this post I will be discussing sensory issues; a quick disclaimer is that this post will be more focused on what I have witnessed and what I also live with. There will always be individuality and some of us will not experience the same sensory problems but that’s ok, we are all unique. I […]

What is Asperger’s?

This post is just a brief explanation, Asperger’s is a lot deeper and there are far more things to share about the diagnosis than what I have written. Please remember we are each individuals and just like neurotypicals you cannot define us with a single definition or diagnosis.   Most people, especially those who are neurotypical […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I love this time of year, its starting to get warm, the animals are all coming out and I overall get more sunshine and enjoy the outdoors. Of course I also feel more inclined to bake, below I’ll share some of my favourite bakes from the previous year. One of my many special interests […]

Working in IT

To begin with I am only really starting my journey in the technology field in the sense of a full time, permanent focused IT job.  I am going to try and write an introduction about my career ideas through my life because even though I really liked technology and was good at handling it growing […]

Before and after my assessment

When I ended up getting an assessment and was finely diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s, a lot of my life changed surprisingly.  What I like to remember and what I wish I could say to everyone going through this is, no matter what you’re diagnosed with you are still you and don’t listen to the […]

My response to WHO

This is a short post I wrote within the few hours of seeing and waiting for the responses for this post, I will write a more in depth and evidence based post to correct any of my badly worded information as this was just an immediate response and based on a few sources I have […]

Things to do during lockdown

I am aware so many people have posted about this topic but I think it’s great to get some ideas even if most ideas are recycled on different posts 🙂  During these hard times I know there is a lot of tension and a lot of anxiety, but we have to try and find things […]


Yesterday the island where I live finely decided that a lockdown was best, I think I can speak for a lot of others living here; it was something that we as the public have been shouting about for a while. I’m not saying we should all panic, I think we all need to work together […]


Hi, my name is Morgan and I am a 21-year-old girl living in the English Channel, more specifically, Jersey. I want to warn people about my future posts, I want to make sure everyone is aware of the fact that I will never aim to offend people actively. If I do end up offending anyone […]

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