Hi, my name is Morgan and I am a 21-year-old girl living in the English Channel, more specifically, Jersey. I want to warn people about my future posts, I want to make sure everyone is aware of the fact that I will never aim to offend people actively. If I do end up offending anyone I personally apologize, I promise I do not intend on offending people I just want to create a safe place to share experiences and hopefully create a community that involves all different types of people and opinions.

I want people to feel comfortable about sharing their opinions and commenting on my posts or even writing their own posts about every kind of topic. I honestly don’t mind if we don’t share the same opinions, I won’t get offended, I just love to learn and hear other people sharing their thoughts!

Living in Jersey I found it really hard when it came to seeking help for my mental health, well actually there are lots of places to see a counsellor…but after speaking to a few counselors from a few different places I realised that their way of talking and working didn’t suit me. They are fine counselors but just not for me.

I decided to see a GP who had a special interest in Psychology, I have spoken to roughly 5 different doctors before finding this particular GP. He suggested that perhaps I should seek out a therapist or a psychologist due to my issues. I then began my long wait to see someone at CAMHS, I was warned that this could take a while and that was fine, at the time I was struggling but I was lucky to have two wonderful supportive parents. I say I was doing fine… but that might’ve been because I wasn’t attending college or going out! It got to the point where my GP began to get nervous about my wellbeing and thankfully an opening became available early but this seemed to get way worse before it got better. I will be explaining my experiences in more detail because I believe people should know especially if they are going through similar situations.

I now have a much better understanding of the mental health community and much more information about myself and my diagnosis. Just before I turned 18 I was diagnosed with Aspergers. It explains a lot about how I think, act, learn and how I have developed, I was not surprised when I received the diagnosis nor were my parents. In fact if it wasn’t for my mum who was convinced that I was different and always had been then I wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to go to CAMHS or receive any help.

It was my mum’s strength and fire that got me to where I am, she was the one who told the doctors, no she does not have BP she’s got Aspergers, stop telling my daughter that she has schizophrenia because of one single symptom. There isn’t anything wrong with mental health and any of the conditions I have mentioned but what is wrong is misdiagnoses, it could’ve ruined a lot if I had continued to sit there like a doormat. Thankfully I had a mum who wouldn’t take no for an answer. In the end I got a diagnosis for something that made complete sense. Thank you, mum and dad, for being the best humans I have met on this planet and thank you for supporting me through everything πŸ™‚

I also wanted to pop in a little mention about Highlands college, the college itself and my teachers were awesome, they really supported me and enabled me to achieve the best possible grades even while I was going through this tough time, thank you!

(I won’t mention names)


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  1. Insightful and well written! I will definitely be subscribing πŸ‘


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